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For young athletes looking to bolster their agility and skill, the Lynnwood Youth Sports Association specializes in training techniques to increase overall athletic performance. Sports performance training helps young athletes prepare for more advanced activities and higher-level sports by focusing on a variety of different physical performance attributes, fostering well-rounded athletic performance. Because sports performance training focuses on the broad definition of physical education, it can be applied to any sports activity, be it soccer, softball, football, basketball, or anything in-between.

Sports performance and agility training with the Lynnwood Youth Sports Association (L.Y.S.A.) is designed to focus on several different aspects of overall physical performance, including: agility, speed and quickness, coordination and balance, strength, power and explosiveness, and even reaction timing. These elements of overall athletic performance are grouped together systematically, according to their individual focuses.

The more dexterous skills–such as speed, agility, quickness, reaction timing, and balance–are grouped together under speed and agility training, helping young athletes focus on directional ability. To play any game, athletes must have the ability to change direction quickly and frequently; speed and agility training works on increasing athletic mobility.


Total conditioning works toward bolstering an athlete’s overall strength and endurance levels, combining conditioning in the areas such as strength, power, coordination, explosiveness, and other factors. Total conditioning performance training not only helps young athletes set new goals and build themselves up to meet and exceed them, though including coordination in endurance training, it also helps reduce the risk of sports-related injury.

Our goal at the Lynnwood Youth Sports Association is to provide a structured sports program and positive physical education for Lynnwood-area youth. And with our sports performance training program, we implement training systems designed to maximize athletic performance and overall agility, as well as helping young athletes begin and keep healthy long-term habits, as increasing average athletic performance takes both time and effort, and the effects are not instantaneous.

Sports performance training with L.Y.S.A. is also designed age-appropriately, helping to build overall performance, agility, and endurance from the ground-up. Our youth participants typically range from five to fourteen-years-old, and L.Y.S.A.’s sports performance training is designed to foster these healthy physical habits as early as possible, taking time to build up every young athlete’s personal level of performance. Sports performance training starts small, with experimentation with direction and movement, building up to muscle/joint mobility and increasing balance and coordination, and finally leveling out with techniques to maximize multi-directional movement, strength, and muscle development.

Start healthy physical education and performance habits early, and let the Lynnwood Youth Sport Association help you get started with sports performance and agility training.


Performance Training

Training Fees
$40/Per hour-Individual Sessions
$100 Per Month Unlimited Training
Training Schedule 
Starts June 17th
3-Days Per Week
Mon,Wed & Friday  6:30-9:00PM at Alderwood Boys & Girls Club
Please Call Jordan Daniel for more information 888-317-3040
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