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  • I will attend all practices, games, meetings and any other team function on time.
  • I will show respect toward all coaches, players and referees at all times.
  • I will demonstrate good sportsmanship on and off of the field of play.
  • I will not fight, use foul language or argue with coaches or team mates.
  • I will stay within the established areas of the sidelines during games.
  • I understand that I risk being ejected and or suspended from a game or further league participation if I incur unsportsmanlike behavior penalties.
  • I will be coachable and ready to learn and have fun.
  • I will be a team player and always put the team first.
  • I will obey the coaches and the rules of the NSJFL League.


  • Parents should support the efforts of the volunteer coaches and the league.
  • The use of profanity, drugs, alcohol or tobacco during any NSJFL event is prohibited.
  • Set the right example for your child by always showing good sportsmanship.
  • Never argue with a coach or official during practices or games. Any complaints or concern can be directed to the L.Y.S.A. Director, where it will be promptly investigated.
  • Understand that your child will be given every opportunity to participate.  However, the safety of our athletes is our #1 concern.
  • Any parent who enters the playing field during a game risks their child being disqualified from further participation.
  • Any parent who incurs an unsportsmanlike behavior penalty risks their child being disqualified from further participation.
  • Remember to praise your child’s efforts and always offer your support.
  • Never voice any complaints or concerns toward coaches, referees or league officials in front of the children.


These guidelines apply to all participants within the Lynnwood Youth Sports Association who create or contribute to any type of Social Media. Examples: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Our goal is to ensure participation in social media that involves LYSA is conducted with respect, and safeguards confidential information of our participants.

  1. Postings should not disclose any information that is confidential or disclose information pertaining to individuals, volunteer parent or children.
  2. Do not post negative comments or pictures regarding any aspect of Youth Sports. This includes but is not limited to coaching, officiating, parents, staff or participants.
  3. Comments that are posted that can be construed as harassment or bullying will not be tolerated.

Failure to comply with guidelines may result in removal from Lynnwood Youth Sports Association. All concerns regarding any aspect of the Youth Sports program should be immediately brought to the attention of LYSA staff (President, Secretary, Head Coach, Team Mom). Removal will be determined by the Director of Lynnwood Youth Sports Association.